Episode 7: Six months are up! And, what makes a business?

As Listfully nears the Christmas deadline, Christine has a talk with Kahoot founder Johan Brand about what makes you a “real” business? Johan tells about how Kahoot used their free quiz as a customer acquisition engine, and have reached over a million players in just five years!

Johan also gives some sage advice about what success means, and why every company needs to remember there is no guarantee for tomorrow.

And find out whether Christine reached her goal of 10,000 users in six months, and how did it all go down? (NOTE: Spoiler alert! We suggest you listen to earlier episodes first if you haven’t heard them).

A million thanks to Sarah DiMuzio, the musician known as Whim, for sharing her beautiful song “Brave,” chosen especially for this episode! You can find the song here, along with her other music, or search for Whim on iTunes, Spotify etc.

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