Episode 4: Early financing- rejection, sweat, angels and serendipity

Christine struggles with guilt and being broke while bootstrapping. She confronts the Norwegian Government’s Innovation Office about why they rejected Listfully’s grant application. She then turns to the head of a Nordic angel investor network to explore looking for investors.

Time is running out to get an app as Christine debates her options, and is it selfish to make her son sacrifice for her dream?

(Listener note – we recommend that you hear the first three episodes before this one!) 

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian Government’s agency for innovation and development of enterprises and industry. Among other things, they offer very early stage grants to startups. Pål Thorvik Næss is Director of Entrepreneurs and Startups, and Joachim Thorsen is a Senior Advisor in the department that evaluates grant applications like Listfully’s. They were gracious enough to sit down with a “reject” and face some tough questions on air.

Claes Mikko Nilsen is a Finnish-Norwegian, quick-witted character, well-known for his pitch moderator skills. He’s the Managing Director of Nordic Business Angel Network (NordicBAN) and previously co-founded Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN). Claes Mikko is also a steering board member at the Rising North Fund and actively developed the concept of Slush’s Investor Day.

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